Vintager Inn Wedding | Kristen + Soren

Gorgeous day (a little hot lol, but could have been way hotter) in New Kent at the Vintager Inn. Huge congratulations to Kristen and Soren and their families.

Vintager Inn for Weddings

The place is gorgeous, and well managed. The main house, the barns, the vineyards, just beautiful. Everyone was polite and helpful, and I would highly recommend it to any wedding couple.

The Wedding of Kristen and Soren

OMG, where to begin? Okay, so the bride LOVES dinosaurs, thus the wedding topper you see in the photos below, lol. And the bride dinosaur is sporting a MASSIVE rock of a ring, so that means Mr. Dinosaur is doing pretty well for himself. Props to him. The rustic feel, the gorgeous flowers (seriously, amazing floral work – they were well prepared, very professional, and very personable!) and I loved all the little details. Loved the lighting in the barns, all the little rustic touches that Vintager Inn brings to the table.

And the kids were adorable. I know it’s not easy having kids at a wedding. Especially newborns and toddlers. But in the end, having them there, in some of these photos, is adorable. There are so many cute photos of them, but I didn’t want to overload this post with tons of pics of the kiddos :)

People had an amazing time, either at the dance floor, out by the firepit, or simply outside the barns enjoying the cooler night air. The bartenders, the caterers, the DJ, everyone did an amazing job. And a big thank you to their coordinator who was fantastically ON POINT juggling a hundred things at once. I got to meet some incredible people, including the grandmother who traveled from New York for the wedding, and was incredibly sweet, and telling me how much she loved ‘being included in everything by all the young people’ Aww! I loved the karaoke singing on the last few songs of the night, some of the great dancing, the kids joining in on the dance floor, awesomeness.

All the bridesmaids were STUNNING. And with the groomsmen, loved the little details like the Darth Vader cufflinks.

So I could keep going on and on, but y’all probably are just here for the photos, lol. So here is the sneak peek. PLEASE congratulate Kristen and Soren below!

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