Travel Fees for Photography

Below are travel costs for my photography. You will notice that the fees are based on distance from Midlothian, Virginia. The fees include the following:

  • Auto Fees – for gas, wear and tear, oil changes, to compensate for AAA coverage, etc. A lot of this also goes into repairs, etc.
  • Hotel Fees – for any photoshoot in which I believe it would be warranted for me to be within just a few minutes of the destination, and avoid any potential issues with traffic, etc. This is much more critical for an event (such as a wedding) than a photoshoot. If a photoshoot client wants to waive the hotel fee, they may do so, but they understand that I can’t control traffic, etc. and can’t guarantee to avoid it. The hotel fees are based on my average hotel stay experience and requirements. I will schedule my hotel stay to arrive the night BEFORE  the event. If there is enough distance, I also schedule a second night of hotel stay for after the event.
  • Car Rental Fees – For events over a certain distance, I do use a rental car.
  •  Flights – Flight costs can vary greatly, but I have a placeholder value included here. Any modifications to this would appear in your original quote (I don’t believe in surprises, especially regarding fees)