Tips to Get More Wedding Photos

bride and groom kissing at richmond va churchMany of our brides prefer quality over quantity, but there’s simply a societal impulse these days to want ‘more’ of everything. And it doesn’t hurt for me to reveal some tips to you on how you can get more wedding photos on your special day. Please share this article, and as always, please comment below!

Tip #1: Two is Better Than One

Most wedding photographers offer this as an option. Yes it costs more money, but you are getting a second photographer, which means more images on your big day. I often tell brides this: “I wouldn’t offer single-photographer coverage if I couldn’t deliver, but if you want *more*, then you need to take it up a level to get the 2nd photographer…”

Tip #2: Where in the world is Uncle Henry?

I can tell you that a photographer sitting there, waiting for the 15th person (who is in the bathroom on the third floor) in a 15-person group shot is not fun for us, and it’s not fun because we know we could be doing other things for you, getting more photos, etc. So I always advise brides now: “Focus on small groups for formal family photos, not large groups. And if someone’s missing, let’s get them later. You’ll thank us.”

Another approach we take is that the bride/groom can grab us as they do their ‘table rounds’ and we get a great photograph of them with each table.

Tip #3: That First Look, Seriously

I know a lot of brides and grooms are told a myth about it being ‘bad luck’ to see your SO the day of the wedding. And parents love to reinforce this, as it was often how they were raised. But a First Look (where the bride and groom see each other in the 30min prior to the wedding ceremony) is amazing for several reasons:

  • It allows for the bride and groom to see each other privately, to enjoy that moment with just the two of them.
  • It makes for some amazing photographs and genuine emotion (people react differently when 100 people are fixated and staring at them lol)
  • It adds variety to your day’s photos
  • It gives you some quiet time together to reflect
  • It eases some of the pressure and makes the ceremony more lighthearted

Tip #4: Add a Portrait Session, wait, what?

If a bride/groom are working on a VERY compressed time schedule, I suggest they book a portrait session for another day. Then what we do is get the bride/groom all dressed up again in their wedding attire, but this time we can go ANYWHERE! We can go to the beach, a mountain overlook, a waterfall, you name it! I even suggest this as a way that some couples can save money on their weddings…they can buy a smaller ‘hours of coverage’ on their wedding day, but supplement it with one of these photoshoots, which are always booked at cheaper rates than wedding coverage.

Tip #5: Prep is awesome

Most brides and grooms that say that don’t want photos of them getting ready regret it later (some don’t). But we enjoy this coverage, as it helps tell the story of the day, and it often produces some of the most wonderful imagery from the day. I think there’s a misconception that having this time photographed would slow brides/grooms down, but it’s usually quite the opposite. We stay out of the way, getting mostly candid moments, with some occasional direction. And we often help out and keep things on schedule as needed, so that’s a bonus. Getting hair done, makeup, etc., these are all moments you’ll appreciate later, trust me.

Tip #6: What’s Your Priority?

Ceremonies typically only take 10minutes or less, as do moments such as cake cutting, toasts, first dance, etc. The bulk of a wedding is in two parts (a) the getting ready, mentioned in tip #5, and (b) the reception dancing. Those are the two largest blocks of continuous, similar activity on your wedding day. Everything else is a whirlwind. So let your wedding photographer know what is most important to you, and you may end up with some extra shots of that moment.

Tip #7 Grab Your Wedding Photographer

We are there FOR YOU. Grab us throughout the reception. We love that. If there’s a college friend you haven’t seen in three years, a family member who flew all the way from Ireland, grab us. Let’s make sure we get what YOU need.

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