Let’s Talk About Mini-Sessions

004-richmond-va-photographerSome of you may not know what ‘mini-sessions‘ are, but it’s a fairly common term for photographers. Some photographers offer them and I wanted to explain what they are, and just talk about them a bit. If you have your heart set on a mini-session only, we can recommend some great photographers for you!

What Are Mini-Sessions ?

Mini-Sessions are photography sessions that are very quick. I’d say the average mini-session is about 30 minutes, but of course they differ from photographer to photographer. But there are some common generalizations about mini-sessions.

  • Mini-sessions are usually very affordable, and you can purchase more after the session
  • They are usually scheduled with several/many sessions per day, back-to-back at the same location
  • There typically isn’t time for multiple outfits or locations
  • Ideal for clients who need ‘one good image’ for their Christmas cards, etc.
  • Great for families that can’t find the time for a longer photoshoot

Is a Mini-Session Right For You ?

It might be! I wanted to go over which type of session might suit you. Here are some of the reasons you might be interested in a Mini-Session:

  • You don’t have much time, or have children with an attention span of just a few minutes :)
  • You don’t need lots of variety in locations, outfit changes, etc.
  • You don’t need a very large number of images
  • You don’t mind sessions that are not all-inclusive (some mini-sessions are, but most I’ve seen are not all-inclusive, meaning that they offer a few digital downloads for free, other at a cost)
  • You’re able to be on-time (mini-sessions are often booked back-to-back, many per day)

Or Is a Fuller Session (What We Offer) Right For You?

We offer fuller sessions…2hrs, 3hrs, etc. We don’t think that either way (mini or fuller) is right or wrong. But the fuller sessions fit my personality, and what I want to do, and how I like to make images. I love variety, getting to know people, scheduling for the best light of the day, and taking my time to make sure people get lots of quality images. So let me tell you a few characteristics of people that hire me for these photoshoots (engagements, seniors, families, etc.)

  • You have plenty of time, and want to make it more of an experience
  • You can afford a little more up front, but photoshoots are all-inclusive – nothing to buy afterwards
  • You like a lot of variety, including many locations and no limits on outfit changes.
  • You prefer a large number of images…some have had over 160 retouched, unique images
  • Sometimes you run a little late :)  We only book one photoshoot/day, so if you’re a few minutes late, no worries
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