-bari "every picture is beautiful!"
-brittany and alex "we were able to relax and completely be ourselves while they took some amazing photos. Their work is phenomenal."
something out of a magazine." -lindsey and mike "we had countless family and friends gush that they had never seen such beautiful engagement photos, and that they looked like
I love them." -lauren and brian "these are so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
quite simply, have brightened my life." -j "the photos are so lovely, and
-SANDY "we love them. The whole house is buzzing."

How Much Retouching Do You Do?

VERY subtle adjustments. I believe that the photographs should display the best ‘you’ possible, not an entirely different ‘you.’  If there’s something you would like done specifically, PLEASE ask. 

How Many Images Can I Expect?

Believe it of not, a lot of this is up to you! I typically tell clients a minimum of 15-25 ‘select’ images/hour/photographer.  We focus on quality images, not bulk quantity. That being said, sometimes we far exceed these minimums (sometimes we deliver up to 100 images/hr for weddings). Read how to get more images

Do You Sell Full-Resolution Digital or RAW Files?

WEDDING clients receive high-resolution, non-watermarked JPG files, in addition to social-media ready files. 

PHOTOSHOOT clients (senior, family, etc.) do not receive digital files by default. They can optionally purchase 640x480 web-ready, non-printable versions for social media.

Some persons think they want the RAW (not JPG) files, but quickly find that they need special software to view them or edit them, they are difficult to share, and that all RAW files require editing. 

Do You (the Photographer) Retain Copyright?

We’re the same as 99.9% of photographers in this regard. Yes we retain the copyright. Some of our offerings, such as those for wedding clients, include personal print rights.

Do You Ever Have Studio Photoshoots?

We can add studio space for a minimal additional cost for your photoshoot. Or  we can temporarily turn your home into a studio with our professional lighting setups at no extra cost.


Do You Shoot Mini-Sessions?

Read more here. We specialize in normal length sessions for three reasons:

  1. you get a LOT more variety in your photos rather than standing in one location for all of the photos
  2. you get more photos, time for outfit changes if you like, and a more personalized session
  3. we get to know you better, and the photos reflect that

BUT…if you absolutely have your mind set on a 30-minute session for family portraits (and in the Richmond area), we can recommend you to someone!

Do You Photograph Formal Senior Portraits?

99.9% of the time, the school provides this for you, and most even offer you an alternate (make-up) date. 

But maybe you’re hiring us for an outdoor senior photoshoot, and also want us to take the formals for you. We can sell you an add-on for the formal portraits. 

  1. If you need the formals, simply add it on to your quote as you are customizing it.
  2. Formals are taken in your home. For an additional fee, we can rent a studio space if you prefer.
  3. Provide us with the school’s requirements (some require certain background colors, etc.