Engagement Photoshoot – Kathryn + David

When I got home from this photoshoot in Richmond, VA, I started backing up the photos, and of course had to review them briefly. And what stuck out to me, was how much David made her laugh and smile in these photos. Kathryn and David just made things look effortless, and that is truly a beautiful thing.

I don’t know this couple. I just met David at the photoshoot, and I had met Kathryn a couple of years ago when I photographed her friend’s wedding. But here’s the thing. They just ‘flow’ as a couple. When her heels got stuck in the bridge as we did some ‘walking’ photos, he was helping in a split second, he always was offering his arm to her as they navigated the rocks along the James River, but they didn’t ever stop smiling, laughing, and talking as the photoshoot went on. They just ‘flow.’

So I am going to go on a bit of a tangent here. The world can seem like a pretty toxic place these days…social media, politics, just about everything has become so divisive and frustrating. So it makes it extra special to see something like this couple happen. Two good people… people who love animals, who are upbeat and smiling, people who are excited for their future, people who light up when they talk about their family and friends, people who are simply solidly GOOD people. And these two people are now joining as some sort of unstoppable team. The world needs a lot more of THIS.

I can tell you, from having photographed lots of weddings, that people love weddings for all kids of different reasons. Some love the style, reunions of family and friends, reliving the emotions of their OWN weddings, the music and dancing, crazy good food, cute moments, and new stories to tell. But one of the common denominators I see is hope. Because hope can be contagious, and it NEEDS to be. I kind of think a wedding, at its core, is hopefulness. It’s hope for the future, for life, for growth, for a new chapter. And their eyes in these photos, it’s full of hope. A beautiful thing.

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